Ask a child what is happiness and its first reaction will be to smile!

Ask a child what is happiness and its first reaction will be to smile!

Sounds simple? Yes, but at the same time it’s complicated and difficult to achieve. The smile of children has wisdom! It embodies happiness, purity and joy, strong emotions when they play, learn, make new friends and give themselves experiences which become memories that stay with them for all their lives!

“Being with my family and playing with my friends and nice, sunny days.”

“It’s like friendship and teamwork, and just enjoying yourself!”

“Having and being with my family and friends. Happiness is about being nice and spreading love all around the world.”

When a family is playing and  engaging in fun activities, it makes their hearts sing and gives them that inner glow feeling. Being one with nature and forming a connection with the environment, stimulates and supports learning. The “good life” is all about the adventure and what intrigues you to explore the new. What motivates you to make and share memories and to give your children the same carefree childhood you had, or –why not- relive it yourselves!

Experiences, desires and dreams all come together to create memories that follow you in the future and make strong bonds. So, what it takes to live the “good life”? No grand gestures or grandiose plans… just people and families sharing and enjoying their own personal stories. That’s what makes parents happy and for the children to sense that happiness is what makes them smile!

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