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Baby’s first Cretan getaway

Baby’s first Cretan getaway

Babies and toddlers love the Cretan fresh air! Parents are always on the lookout for an opportunity to enjoy a stress-free vacation with their little ones, and Candia Park village is just the place to do so. Everything that a family could possibly need is here, including trained specialists and all the necessary food and equipment; so pack light for a carefree getaway with us and experience the best family holidays in Crete!

Don’t worry about bringing bulky baby-care items, like cribs and bouncy chairs. We can supply these and many more, as well as electronic equipment such as bottle warmers and baby monitors. As for baby and toddler-friendly food, the cooks in our open kitchen are more than happy to accept requests! We’ll whip up an egg-white cheese omelette for you in no time at Agapi main restaurant, or make a healthy puree out of the boiled vegetables readily available at our buffet. Always on hand for anything you may need, we can keep an eye on your little ones for you if you want to take a swim at our private beach, or assist you by heat- ing up a baby bottle when necessary. We also have a pediatrist on call, as well as an experienced babysitter and the Mini Blues Club, which is dedicated to keep- ing kids from 4 to 12 happily entertained.

With the little ones engaging in educational play under the watchful eye of our childcare team, parents can enjoy some well-earned time to relax and discover the wonderful experiences and wellness facilities offered by the hotel. Sailing the Mirabello Bay, unwinding at the Ananea Wellness by Aegeo Spa and sipping on fruity cocktails poolside at Plori Pool Bar… All while your little ones are safely taken care of. Anything is possible at Candia Park village!

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