Blue Rides

In big urban areas sometimes the bike is the only solution to move quickly around town in an environmentally efficient way that also benefits your health. But what about when you wish to do a scenic tour, a quick visit to the grocery shop or simply go swimming to the next by beach? Vacations is the perfect way to enjoy your beloved means of transportation, reduce time spent in a car and get fit at the same time!

However, bringing your bike with you isn’t always easy! That’s why bluegr Hotels & Resorts in Crete from this year on, offer you “Blue Rides”! Through this unique feature any guest can take one of our blue bikes for a stroll to the town of Agios Nikolaos or to visit and explore more areas close by! The town’s center is very friendly to bikes and the views are breathtaking! The blue bikes ( literally, they’re blue!) are offered free of charge to all our guests and can be picked up upon request to the reception.

Many people, children and adults alike, are dedicated fans of biking and have become ambassadors of a two-wheeled life, underlining the resurgence of interest in bikes.

Through the unique “Blue Rides” initiative, Crete’s bluegr Hotels & Resorts (Candia Park village, Minos Beach art hotel & Sensimar Minos Palace hotel & suites) aim to help their guests make the most out of their holidays, by including one of their favorite pastimes and fitness activities in their holidays routine.

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