Crete and the color blue

Crete and the color blue

What is blue for Crete? It’s the basic element and what defines the values of a blessed land. Blue is the color of trust, honesty and loyalty. These three values characterize the life and culture of Crete.

Cretan blue gives you a sense of peace and tranquility, promoting mental and physical relaxation and at the same time is hospitable, joyous and vigorous like its people. Traditional and modern perfectly combined to reveal the land’s true soul.

Trust is when finding the truth of the island in its untamed soul, its virgin nature, its history, its people who at all times are there to welcome you in their homes, in a way not experienced before and offer you only the best.

Honesty is the traditional Cretan table. The minute you share your food with Cretans is where you will meet their true character and authenticity.

You will instantly feel the urge to taste all their local products, be a part of the islands’ stories and myths and share the special bond they have with their land.

Loyalty is when you say: “Till next time”. That’s the time were you know Crete has cast its spell over you and you have become one with the island. It’s letting yourself go to feel the magic with all your being, realizing that the more you stay the bigger its impact is on you, transforming you to a Cretan.

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