This summer, let your kids discover the vibrant culture of Crete. The weekly program of Mini Blues Club is desired to offer educational fun to your little ones all day long.

High Lights

  • Pirate theme  – Creation of pirate hats, treasure hunt, decoration of mini club
  • Greek theme – Folklore costume crafting, Greek cooking lessons, syrtaki dance, Greek language lessons
  • Ancient Greeks theme – Small historical video presentation (mythology), Greek god costume crafting, excavation activity (become an archaeologist , ‘’ancient’’ pots are placed underground in various areas, kids dig and discover, then all pieces are added together) – Olympic games
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  • Cooking theme  – chef hats crafting,  Cookies, Pizza, Tzatziki
  • Environmental theme – Gardening, tee and flower planting, games made from recycling materials,
  • Beach theme  – Fishing, beach cleaning , stone collection and painting
  • Greek kid games (every day) – Μήλα, κρυφτό, κυνηγητό, κουτσό etc
  • Your day – kids make the program
  • Movies & Pop Corn
  • Disco and music

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