Holidays in Crete
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Discover Crete

Natural Beauty & History

Travelers who always dreamt of traveling around the world can save their time and effort and see the whole world during your holidays in Crete. Climb up the mountains, swim in the azure, hike through the verdant landscapes and hills, marvel the exotic beauty, follow the rivers, walk through the plains, photograph the gorges and the inspiring landscapes, embrace nature and get to the roots of the Mediterranean gastronomy. Discover the world in Crete!

Stunningly beautiful beaches
Mountains and gorges
History, culture & Cretan gastronomy

The Candia Park village lures guests to discover the majesty of Crete from the heart of a traditional Cretan village to the edges of Crete. Travelers are welcome to explore the hidden wonders of Crete, beneath the shadows of mount Dikti and the splendors of Malia, from the coast to the mountains and the Venetian relics to the places of worship and the sanctuaries under the open sky. The Candia Park Village invites its guests to reveal the secrets of Crete on a journey unraveling the senses. Crete is more than an island! See for yourself.



  • The “Lato” summer cultural events, the festival of Agios Nikolaos on December the 6th, as well as the Resurrection and the burning of Judas on stage in the center of the lake in Agios Nikolaos.
  • The Resurrection at Toplou Monastery in Vai.
  • The summer cultural events and the Free – Fish Night in October at Elounda.