The diversity of the Cretan natural life. A new world waiting to be discovered!

The diversity of the Cretan natural life. A new world waiting to be discovered!

If there is one place in Greece where the rich flora and fauna is inseparable from its culture and unique history, that would be none other than Crete. Much have been said and written about the magnificent natural landscapes, but there is always something new and unknown waiting to be discovered by its visitors.

Tropical beaches with palm trees and snowy mountains, deep gorges as a background, leading to plush coastlines and alpine like mountain peaks rising above fertile plateaus. The magic of Crete is found in the high contrasts and this is what makes the island unique.

The rural landscape of Crete is largely consisted of groves, vineyards and orchards that are famous worldwide.

On the island resides a rich variety of wildlife from rare species of Mediterranean birds to wild animals some of them found only in Crete. The imposing mountains are inhabited by majestic harrier eagles, as their vigilant guards while the craggy rocks are run by the unique and feisty “Cretan Mountain goat” or as the locals call it: the “Kri-kri”. On the lower parts, hundreds of bird species nest while rare reptiles and invertebrates complement this rich natural habitat.

The Natural History Museum of Crete is a must visit for a visitor who wants to fully understand the island’s natural environment.

Candia Park village -remaining faithful to its core values of protection and conservation of nature and coming from a family with deep awareness and rich activity in the care of the natural environment- organizes periodical environmental activities, learning games, tours and photo competitions for both children and adults, enabling them to discover the best of the Cretan land. This is what makes a holiday at Candia Park village an exciting, memorable experience found nowhere else!

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