Essential Cretan souvenirs to wow friends and family back home!

Essential Cretan souvenirs to wow friends and family back home!

Souvenir shopping is a quintessential part of any holiday, and what’s best than traditional products as souvenirs from Crete? With our pick of the best local products you’re sure to head home with a suitcase full of treasures!

Many Cretan herbs are endemic to the island, meaning they grow nowhere else in the world. This means they make a unique gift for friends and family at home, perfect for bringing back a taste of Crete! Hunt down diktamo, also known as erontas or dittany, a healing, therapeutic herb found only in Crete. It is said to cure stomach ailments as well as having aphrodisiac properties, and makes a rather pleasant tasting tea.

If there’s space in your hold luggage, considering taking home a few bottles of traditional Cretan raki or tsikoudia. This bold spirit is highly digestive, particularly after a heavy meal, and is sure to bring a buzz to any dinner party! Another tasty treat to bring home would be local thyme honey, with its mild taste, deep orange colours unique flavour, or a bundle of carob chocolates, made from the roasted pods of the Cretan carob tree.

For traditionalists, the percent gift would be a string of komboloi, also known as worry beads. Komboloi normally have an odd number of beads can be made of aromatic wood, such as sandal, natural stone, amber or plastic.

Guests at Candia Park village, located only 15 minutes away from the picturesque town of Agios Nikolaos, can explore the town’s traditional shops and take their own piece of Crete back home.

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