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Eternal Summer: Children carry summer in their hearts!

Eternal Summer: Children carry summer in their hearts!

Summer is much more than a season of the year. After all it belongs to them and they live it in the fullest. For children it is a time for pleasure, recreation, creative play, learning and discovery of the new! It generously gives those skills needed to cope with the responsibilities of winter. Kids carry summer in them through the positive action that fills their souls and the sweet anticipation of the one to come. It’s what gives them their traits that shape them as people and later as adults.

Between learning, joining group activities and various creative games the most important thing is to enable “free play”. Free play is to leave the child free and alone to do something just for fun. No coaching or keeping score just watching from afar creating with what it finds or has, putting his imagination to work even when it seems that he or she is doing nothing -just goofing around with friends- making something without being said to do it. What they are really doing at the time is developing all those tools they need in order to succeed in school and life.

The unique combination of the Cretan landscape and the authentic lifestyle of the traditional Candia Park village offer magical summer memories which are converted into energy that recharges their souls with joy and love. And how do you call this energy? Summer of course!

Photo Credit: @ksenia_shtanskaya
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