Eternal Summer | Re living your summer memories

Eternal Summer | Re living your summer memories

Do you remember your summers as a child? When summer activities were the great escape and your only care was for the next day to be more thrilling than the previous one. Playing hide and seek with your friends, a game of catch with your brothers and sisters, or spending the afternoons reading your favorite comic books drinking homemade lemonade.

Now you’re a grown up and summers are different but deep down you always go back to those memories and seek to re live the carefree times. And you do through your children.

Set in the most beautiful seafront of the Mediterranean, you find yourself and your family in the traditional Cretan village of Candia Park, filling up summer days with activity after activity and game after game. Endless dives in a swimming pool especially designed for having fun and the most exciting watersports through which they learn water safety. Not to mention of course living in an idyllic place, learning the Cretan culture and indulging in a truly incomparable holiday experience.

The smiles on their faces and the happiness in your heart brings out the child in you, next summer is all you can think of and something to look forward to all year!

Photo Credit:  @lucydobrynina
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