Mini Blues

Play, learn, explore, and build new friendships along the way at our Minis Blues Kids Club for kids aged 4-12 years old.

Candia Park village is proud to offer a great range of family facilities and kids’ activities that will stimulate our younger guests’ minds and create the most memorable experiences!

The weekly program crafted by our experienced educators of Mini Blues Kids Club is desired to offer educational fun to your little ones all day long and includes creative workshops, messy play time, treasure hunts, an introduction to Greek mythology and so much more. Inspired by the limitless kids’ imagination, our Mini Blues Kids Club activities expand to the entire village that turns into an inspiring wonderland.

This is the place to connect, make new friends, explore, and run freely!

10.00 – 18.00 (Low Season) & 10.00 – 20.00 (High Season)

A glimpse of our weekly 7 Days of Joy program:

  • Ahoy there! – Pirates, treasure hunts, magic, and a whole lot of bubbly fun await!
  • Become Greek for a day – folklore costume crafting, Greek cooking lessons, and Greek language lessons
  • Ancient Greek myths and legends – Enter the world of Greek mythology with a short video and then it’s time to craft your own costume, become an archaeologist, and take part on our Olympic Games.
  • Unveil your inner chef – Create your own chef hat and time to learn how to make cookies, pizza and everyone’s beloved tzatziki.
  • There earth is what we all have in common – Plan a tree, explore our vegetable garden and learn about gardening, and create art out of recycling materials
  • By the water – Clean a beach, pick a stone and paint it with your favorite memories.
  • Greek kid games (every day) – Learn the most beloved traditional Greek games, run free and make new friends along the way.
  • Your day – At Candia Park village, kids know better! Time to create teh perfect day full of energetic and fun activities.
  • Movie time! – Crab your pop-corn and watch your favorite animated movie with your best friends!
  • Disco and music – This is the time to sing and dance like never before!
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