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For Greeks and Cretans, the idea of a village takes us back to our roots. It is a place that feels like home, where we can go back to, whenever we need time off. Every Greek village embodies simplicity, joy, protection and the sense of community. When we are at our village, we have the luxury to be completely ourselves.

At Candia Park village, we encapsulate this village feeling. We embrace our heritage and pass it on to our globetrotter guests. We get to build a strong bond and genuinely care about others. That is our essence. The people of Candia Park village are sincere, co-operative, hard-working and hospitable. From our local hiring philosophy, to our sustainable food concept, we support our local environment and respect the surrounding nature.

Our village is full of life.

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Children can play around the central square, partake to fun and educational activities, in our Mini Club, for children ages 4-12 or spend a full day by the beach, while parents can enjoy each other’s company, without worrying about a single thing. It is a carefree feeling that you want to come back to every year. In our village’s main square, a new happening takes place every day, whether it be a movie night, a magician night, a traditional Festival or many more.

Sea View Family Hotel in Crete
One thing is for sure; at Candia Park village, days are fun, bright and full of surprises. You get to be a child again, laugh out loud and enjoy life in colour. Real luxury is found in simple things in life. Feeling happy, relaxed and safe is the recipe to a fun summer vacation.

Our village in Crete portrays the life of simple joys.

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