2 fun Indoor games for the whole family

2 fun Indoor games for the whole family

There’s nothing like a good game to bring a family together. Here is a list of kids’ indoor games that can suit you well when you wish to spend some family time!

1. Juice Pong

Worried that your children don’t drink enough freshly squeezed juices? This game not only will make them drink a healthy juice, but will also help in building your child’s hand-eye coordination. What you need for this game set-up: Coins, water, a juice of your choice and 22 large sized paper drinking cups.
How to Play:
  • Arrange ten (typically 18oz or 16oz) cups in a pyramid-like formation on each side of a table.
  • Fill all 20 cups with some water. Put the remaining 2 cups aside, and fill them with the desired amount of juice.
  • If you table isn’t long enough, you can ask the child to take a few steps away from the table in accordance with their age
  • Give each child a coin.
  • Explain to your child that they have to toss their coins, one at a time, aiming at any of the opponent’s cups
  • Once a coin lands in a cup, the cup is taken away and the child has to drink the juice from the spare cup.
  • The kid that successfully hits all of the opponent’s cups wins the game.

2. Sock Toss

Using some folded up socks and a bucket, you can enjoy a game of mini basketball right at home. You will only need as many pairs of socks you want and a bucket.

How to Play:

  • Roll up the socks into little balls and tie them
  • Place the bucket in one place and ask your child to move a few steps away from it
  • You can then take turns to throw the sock balls into the bucket. Move further away from the bucket after each turn

These simple game can be a great family activity that both adults and kids will enjoy. Try them and share your experinece with at at social media @candiapark

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