Live A Traditional Cretan Experience at Candia Park village

Rich in customs and tradition, Crete is a place blessed by the God with a stunning and varied landscape, as well as people who keep their history and culture alive. Visitors in Crete can savor mouthwatering dishes made with local products, listen to the cheerful Cretan music and be amazed by the lively traditional dancing in a wealth of concerts and festivals organized regularly

Deeply affected by the Cretan spirit, Candia Park village is ideal for families and couples alike, resembling a traditional Cretan village, featuring extensive gardens which blend in style with the picturesque surroundings.

Of course you can try out the traditional cuisine in any of the on-site dining options, such as “Agapi” Restaurant, Taverna “Fili” or “Kafenion”, but if you seek for an authentic local experience you have to venture outside to the festivals and celebrations taking place mainly in late summer.

To get a full taste of the most representing local tradition without having to drive away from your holiday base, as distances in Crete tend to be a bit long, you can attend any of the cultural events organized by the cultural association of nearby Tzermiado village or head to the neighboring town of Sitia, where many festivals are planned through summer, such as “Kornaria”, “Soultanina” or festival of Prophet Elias on July 20th.

Dance with the locals, accept their treats, including shots of raki, and feel their warm hospitality which will definitely make you come back again!

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