Mini Blues Protest

Enough is enough! Mini Blues, the name we proudly call our young guests of Candia Park and Bluegr Hotels, decided it was time to take action! Children of ages 4 to 12 gathered round and sought active ways of educating the adult guests about caring for the environment.

Understanding that the biggest beach litterers are adults, mini blues formed a picket-line and called for environmental respect and clean beaches! Instead of going for fun, children took the beach by surprise, holding signs of good environmental behavior and talked to sunbathers about simple ways to keep the beach clean! People were thrilled to see such a protest and many learned something they didn’t know. A few vacationers even decided to join them at their cause and everyone was thrilled in the end.

This different event was organised as one of our Mini Blue programmes. Through the activities of our “mini club”, our young guests learn, among many other thematics, about recycling, environmental policies and renewable resources, thus turning into well informed young adults. They also participate into activities such as cleaning the beach and the gardens, craft from recycled materials and tree planting.

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