Mythical ingredients of the Cretan nutrition

Mythical ingredients of the Cretan nutrition

We all know the international character of the Cretan diet has rightfully been recognized by the scientific world as the top of the Mediterranean diet and one of the healthiest in the world. But, where does the Cretan cuisine owes its success? And why has it earned this recognition? Let’s try to analyze it.

The answer is simple and complex altogether. For us here in the traditional village of Candia Park it lies in the notion that it is not only the greatest promoter of the Mediterranean nutrition but its culture as well.

On one hand, we have the basic ingredients which are the great fruit and vegetable varieties, rich in nutritional value legumes and grains along with excellent aromatic herbs were the basic dietary habits of ancient Minoans which have remained almost unchanged until today. Of course, what dominates is the king of the Cretan diet, the extra virgin olive oil and the extraordinary Cretan wine.

On the other hand, we have the core philosophy which lies in the absolute connection with nature and the precious fruits provided by mother earth, respectfully collected by people who have grown up in the island and feel as integral parts of this land. A very important ingredient is the growth of teamwork and mutual help which represent deep values of the Greek family and are passed on from generation to generation, from parent to child.

Daily meals of the ancient Minoans consisted mostly of wild animals cooked with extra virgin olive oil and herbs, accompanied by legumes. Of course, fresh fish and seafood could not be missed from the daily diet as they were keen fishermen. Ancient dishes that have survived to this day are the “chochli” (snails cooked in tomato sauce), the “chondros” (frumenty with meat) and “staka” (cheese aged in caves).

This Love for good food and mix of international with Cretan flavours finds its perfect match in the “Agapi” (Greek word for love) main restaurant. You can start your day with a scrumptious buffet breakfast and as the day ends, tantalize your palates with the flavours and aromas of both international and Cretan dishes carefully prepared by the hotel’s chefs. To add to the whole experience, thematic nights and Cretan evenings are organized at Agapi restaurant luring guests to the authentic Cretan way of living.

For those seeking to find the authentic flavours of the Cretan cuisine as found in a true Cretan village, “Fili” tavern is an excellent choice for lunch and dinner. Set in the Candia Park gardens with a view of the sea, you find yourself taking a virtual journey though time to taste all the flavours of the Minoan cuisine which ensures an incredible dining experience for all tastes and preferences.

With all the above, what we have before us is the wonderful Cretan nature which perfectly unites the natural raw materials with the universal values of love and respect for fellow human and the environment. Through this amazing synergy, the miracle of the Cretan cuisine is created.

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