Packing for the summer family holiday in Crete

Packing for the summer family holiday in Crete

Packing for your summer family holiday can be stressful – pack too much, and you end up lugging a heavy suitcase around, pack too little, and you’re bound to have forgotten something important. Read on to discover our top tips for efficient family holiday packing!

If you’re planning on taking taxis to get around, consider bringing a portable booster seat to ensure your kids are safe when travelling. However, if you want to hire a car, most reputable hire companies will provide booster seats upon request.

Consider decanting your child’s favourite shampoo or bubble bath into a clear, plastic bottle (under 100ml if taking in your airline hand luggage). This will make bath-time easier as the familiar scent will be appreciated more than the new brands provided in your hotel.

From early spring until late autumn, the sun in Crete shines brightly and hot, so be sure to bring a supply of strong sunscreen and after-sun lotion. If it’s gorgeous bronzed skin you’re after, remember that there’s no safe or healthy way to get a tan, and a tan doesn’t protect your skin from the sun’s harmful effects. Be sure to apply sunscreen to yourself as well as your children – a good way to show little sun seekers how important it i! Water-resistant sunscreen is great when swimming, but should still be reapplied straight after you have been in water.

Another great way to enjoy the Greek sun without burning is to dress appropriately. Be sure to pack a bundle of loose cotton clothes, such as oversized t-shirts with sleeves. A floppy hat with a wide brim will shade the face, ears and neck whilst large sunglasses are another must-have.

After a day at the beach many parents dread retuning to their hotel and bringing a kilo of sand with them. In this situation, talcum powder is your best friend! Before entering your room, dust some talc over your skin and any remaining sand will wipe off easily. Last, but not least, stock up on clear zip-lock bags before heading off on your holiday. They have hundreds of uses, from carrying snacks to holding your wet swimming stuff after an afternoon splashing in the sea.

Forgotten something? Guests of Candia Park village will be delighted to find a well-stocked mini market within the resort, selling all the essentials needed for a relaxing family holiday under the sun.

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