Time for a digital detox? Have fun with these 3 traditional Greek kids outdoor games!

Time for a digital detox? Have fun with these 3 traditional Greek kids outdoor games!

Sometimes, the bright colours and flickering allure of TV, video games and iPads can prove too addictive for children, and too easy for parents hoping for 30 minutes of peace and quiet! However, there is an undeniable charm to old-school kids outdoor games, most of which encourage creative play and teamwork!

Keep little ones amused this summer with the following children’s outdoor games, traditionally enjoyed by the children of Greece! Join in at the Mini Blues kid’s club, and discover even more traditional kids outdoor games in Crete!


  • For a group of children.
  • Props needed: one ball and one bag of apples.

Divide the children into two groups, and pick a leader per group. The leaders should stand facing each other, with all the other children gathered in between. The leaders now throw a ball to each other, trying to hit children of the opposite team in the process. If the ball hits a player, they get ‘burned’ and exit the game. However, if a player catches the ball, they win an apple. The aim of the game is to get as many apples as possible, as each apple gives the player an extra life to use in case they get ‘burned’.


  • For two children.
  • Props needed: one large stone and two pebbles.

An Ancient Greek game! Place the large stone on the ground. Each player now takes turns to throw their pebble at the stone, aiming to hit it. When a player misses, they have to run to the stone with the other player carried on their back. The second player also covers the runner’s eyes, making it hard for them to see the stone. The runner must touch the stone, and then the game of throwing the pebbles continues.

‘Little Soldiers’

  • For a group of children.

A child is chosen as guard, and must stand with their back to the rest of the group, who advance cautiously towards them. At a surprise moment, the guard shouts ‘little soldiers! Stop! Be silent!’ and all the advancing children must freeze. The guard then inspects each child, making funny faces to try and make them laugh. The child who moves or laughs first looses, and must become the next guard.

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