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Being together makes memories of… feeling like a native Cretan!

Being together makes memories of… feeling like a native Cretan!

Perfectly designed to resemble a Cretan village, you are invited to succumb in a seafront oasis of relaxation, taste unique flavors and live like a native Cretan. These strong emotions we want to convey to you, our guest that at the end of your stay you become more than just a guest, you are our friend who we are so looking forward to see again!

Then the hotel becomes not just a place you stay, it becomes a feeling.

“Home is where you feel at home and are treated well”  – Dalai Lama

“Everyone has stories to tell from Crete and some magical experience during their stay on the island. For us, the magic happened when we felt the Cretan hospitality in all its glory. Its not only that they welcome you offering the best of what they have, but they embrace you in such an authentic way that you feel like you’ve become a part of their family, as if you’re exactly where you belong!”

“I would never have imagined myself on the dancefloor dancing away to the sounds of the Cretan lyra, and I have my Instagram pics to prove it! Cretan night is a great memory for us. We found ourselves sharing the joy and feeling as one with the Cretan spirit. The unexpected is what makes an amazing memory!

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