Being together makes memories of… fulfilment!

Being together makes memories of… fulfilment!

There are some places you visit that from the moment you step in, you instantly know that this is an experience you’re going to enjoy to the fullest!

Once we arrived at the hotel, we knew it would be a wonderful experience for us and the children. So we wanted to start every day with a good breakfast that would fill us with energy for all the activities we had planned. That and more we found in the rich flavors of the Candia Park breakfast buffet!”

I was surprised that such a simple dish such as the Greek salad, can hold all the Cretan land and life philosophy! From the full taste of bright red tomatoes and the cool cucumber that balances perfectly with the freshest peppers and incomparable Cretan feta cheese. All this selection of the purest ingredients finely covered by the delicious taste of the unique in the world, extra virgin Cretan olive oil! This is an experience on its own, not to be missed!”

All restaurants and cafes in Candia park village are designed and decorated in such a way as to give each a separate part of Cretan hospitality and dining experience and all together to offer you the perfect taste of the unique Cretan hospitality.

And as the sweet Julia Child said: People who love to eat are always the best people!

Photo credit: @cdouere
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