Being together makes memories of… joy!

Memories are to be celebrated. Memories aren’t memories until the family comes together and talks about them, looks at pictures of them and laughs about them. “Do you remember the time …” is the most joyful introduction to a family conversation.

“We were playing at the pool and we had ice-cream everyday”

“The underwater diving was so cool!”

“We visited wonderful places and learned how to protect the environment. We made cookies and pizza and shared with our friends!”

From the blue bikes rides to the joyful tours with the little train of Candia, exploring all the visible and hidden places of the hotel and the region. From taking part in creative photo contests and children’s painting to playing original Greek games through which they get profound knowledge of Greek and Cretan civilization and history, and raise feelings of respect for the environment, teamwork and friendship. The trip becomes a magical experience that teaches the family a lot leaving them with memories to treasure and keep.

We didn’t realize we were making memories; we just knew we were having fun

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